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  • Published : February 18, 2012
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Response to Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper

“Art is never finished, only abandoned,” said Leonardo da Vinci. He was born in a small

town of Tuscany, in 1452. Leonardo had a brilliant imagination that ran wild with ideas. Although

a sculptor, architect, and inventor, today he is known for his paintings. One of his most popular

being, the Last Supper, which is painted on the north wall of the Monastery of Santa Maria delle

Grazie in Milan. The painting was created in 1498 and took Leonardo 5 years to complete. Since

then it has been subjected to many different restorations.

Leonardo arrived in Milan in the year of 1482 as a messenger of Lorenzo de’ Medici. He was

“to present a silver lyre to Ludovico Sforza.” and while doing this Sforza employed Leonardo to

paint a mural of the Last Supper on the north wall of the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Not only did Leonardo paint the mural, he also chose to paint one of the most memorable and

powerful events in biblical history. The painting he chose was the moment Jesus announced one of

his disciples was going to betray him. Even though no one knows what the disciples looked liked,

I feel that Leonardo captured the disciples reactions and expressions amazingly. For example,

Peter grabbing a knife in his anger. According to the bible this fits Peter’s personality because he

was described as “brash and impulsive.” Also, Judas is turning away, in my opinion this is

showing him to be guilty and ashamed. Finally, he paints Christ in “the center of the painting,” I

think this shows Christ as the center of everything. The disciples are in disarray about the news

they have just heard but this painting shows Christ as being compassionate and peaceful.

In conclusion, I believe the author has explained this painting of the Last Supper exceptionally

well. Since the years of the final product, this painting has went through a tremendous...
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