Response Paper: Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals

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  • Published : April 23, 2008
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Can you remember what your favorite toy was? Or maybe that toy you always wanted but never received? Think back, if you close your eyes and think way back into your childhood, you may remember that infamous toy . The toy was likely shown during one of the many commercial brakes bombarding you in between your favorite Saturday morning television shows, or maybe after school while watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I think back I can remember mine. It was called Skip it! I don't remember the specific words to the jingle which played during the commercial, but I can sure hum it to this day. If you described or even named a specific toy, maybe in your head or even out loud... a concern must be represented to you. You have been targeted and selected a victim of advertising.

The section of the book titled Advertising, particularly the reading Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals caught my full attention and deep interest. I am currently in pursuit of a future career in advertising and was completely side swiped to find that pop culture could be comprised of such a topic. Did you know that $66 billion dollars was the amount of money spent by kids and young adults (ages 4-19) in 1992 (Bowen 1995). the group marketers most prize because first, they spend disposable income, as well as influence how their parents spend money; second people tend to establish loyalties to certain brands early in life; third young people are more likely to buy items on impulse. (Fox 63) Advertising can and is any type of message surrounding a transaction between people, whether its by Kristina White Cultural Studies: Popular Culture 2/26/08 Television, the World Wide Web, billboards, or just by word of mouth. It is...
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