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Topics: Sociology, Erving Goffman, Stigma Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Response Paper : Erving Goffman “Stigma and Social Identitiy”

In this article Goffman tell us about the relationship between stigma and social identity. Goffman has examined three types of stigma in this study. It is badily deformities, such as blind, six fingered, cross-eyed. They may be inborn or may be at a later date ( physical ). Other stigma is “tribal” ( social ). It is generalization made by society. Then, it is personal character, such as dependence, perversion. According to him , so that they are individuals unwittingly tags. He try to explain ,the effects of stigma on interactions between stigmatized persons and those he termed "normals." Here is the normals, who untagged. Culture is a society that connects the system of relationships. Content of the culture, beliefs, thoughts, and values. If an individual is out of this concept, would not normally. Emile Durkheim’s theory is “collective consciousness” , a society group with shock beliefs and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within a the society”. “Collective consciousness and culture” effective in the formation of an individual's social identity. Social identity accepted features of the individual by others. The person is honest, alcoholism, being deaf, to be a liar, be a good dancer, to be idiot.. Essentially all of society is bias . Thanks to them the concepts occurs of normal and abnormal. These are, according to whom, and what is true? society is dominated by the majority opinion. They are decides truth and wrong. The fact that Goffman has made to categorize them. For example , After the “September 11 attacks” all over the world, especially in America, “Muslims were a terrorist”. It is “stigmatization” by people who are not Muslim. There is a tribal stigma. We can see that the distinguishing features of people is grouped. The person's behavior so that the group can be goods. That are common considerations to most of the time is not right....
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