Response on War by Luigi Irony and Comments

Topics: World War II, Eye color, Parent Pages: 4 (1465 words) Published: November 16, 2011
1. b) The conflict in the story War is an internal conflict within the fat traveler. The fat traveler lost his son and tried to hide his lamentation by being judicious. In the story he gave a speech to the other parents who travelled on the train informing them how their sons were born not only for the parent’s benefits. “If country is a natural necessity like bread, of which each of us must eat in order not to die of hunger, somebody must go to defend it.” Here the fat man advises the parents that if they really do love their country sending their sons out to protect it should make them feel proud.” Everyone should stop crying: everyone should laugh, as I do… or at least thank God, as I do, because my son…..the best way he could have wished.” But this is very odd in a sense. Yes for sure till this point in the story we can say that this man is wise and open minded. He is very proud how his son fought for the country and the sacrifice of his son is very worthy and something he can recover from. This is why, as you see I do not even wear mourning” and “and our sons go, when they are twenty….they die inflamed and happy” makes it very clear that the man has pride for his son. However, the conflict is presented when the woman bundled in corner asked “Then…is your son really dead?” and the fat traveler “[fixed] his great, bulging, horribly watery eyes” and “broke into harrowing, heart-rending, uncontrollable sobs.” The fat traveler realized how his son is dead and gone forever. He feels just like all the other passengers, he regrets that his son took part in the cruel war that took away his son’s life. He does not think that giving birth to his son was for the country’s good and not his own. The fat man cannot possibly allocate himself anymore. This is why throughout his journey on the train he was just trying to cover up his true feelings and mourning. This father finally stripped off his mask and faced with reality. As all walls tumble down for him, the internal...
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