Response Essay: Issues Related to Soft Drinks

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Health care Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: January 15, 2012
This essay is a response to “Negative health effects of soft drink consumption confirmed in study” written by Jacqueline Weaver (March, 2007). The essay was published to The main idea of the essay is about issues relating to soft drink consumption. The purpose of the author was to inform readers how soft drinks can affect health and also information regarding false researches and data involving soft drinks. Many people don’t think that soft drinks are that harmful to their body but according to non-funded research soft drinks can be very damaging to human health.

As the essay has stated that soft drink consumption has rapidly increased in the United States many people have tried to decrease its distribution, however, there are still many people who protests against this idea (Waever, 2007). In my opinion, I think one of the reasons why people don’t take the risk seriously because of how it looks. Soft drinks don’t seem as life threatening to most people as a big piece of chocolate cake. Advertising is also another factor, most soft drinks advertisement are very friendly and soft drinks company also try to come up with new products to make soft drinks seem healthier. Another reason why people are not worried of health risks related to soft drinks is because of the researches funded by the food industry. "It is alarming that industry-funded studies so consistently favor industry and that these reports muddy what are otherwise clear waters," says Kelly D. Brownell. In my opinion I think it is wrong for someone to go though all that trouble of false advertising just because they want to sell a health harming product.

Many studies found that soft drinks are related to great caloric intake but most people still choose to consume them because some of them choose to lower their calories in other types of food instead (Waever, 2007). However, food with higher calories might be less harmful than most soft...
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