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English Assignment
(Summary Response Essay)

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Wilfried Prewo in his article with the title “The Sorcery of Apprenticeship” claims the Germany economy is productive to conduct the nation’s youth training system. The advantages of this training are it is based in the workplace, offer a transition from school to traning to work, and it also strengthen the tradition of internal advancement. I agree with his opinion which he said this apprenticeship is not wasting the money for the unnecessary training and it offer a smooth transition from school to training to work. We know that there are many ways for goverments to send their children and manage their education. There are countries which want their children to work or go directly to college first. Every countries has the desire to bring their children to the direction that they think fit. The country also help them to decide the fate of youth in their country in a way which helps the education of students. Many ways countries do to help the youth, like for the cost of college, fees and other apprenticeship. Countries also do this to get a better country, because the country is well demonstrated by the active and enthusiastic youth about their own country. Here the spotlight is on German apprenticeship who has a lot of benefits for the youth. I think everyone school to get a decent job. In the Wilfried Prewo article says that German apprenticeship has a lot of advantages to be gained by youth in transition from school to work. I totally agree with the suggestions and opinions of Wilfried Prewo because if we enter an apprenticeship after school, it will train us to face of the world of work because the world of work is hard. I believe that it's not as easy as a teenager can survive quickly in the world of work, while necessary in today is teenagers and dynamic workers who can keep up to date. We know that at this moment the world has been growing...
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