Response: Connecting"the Outsider" and "The Red Sari"

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Emotion Pages: 3 (1184 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Response: Connecting to two short Stories

In the short story „The Outsider“ by Graeme Lay as well as in „The Red Sari“ by Apirana Taylor the author demonstrates the existence of things in life the main character, but also the reader might not be aware of. Possibly don‘t want to be aware of.

The awareness of both things have a great impact on the main character. In „The Outsider“ a young girl called Justine is confronted with the cirumstance that not all men have good intentions, after beeing left pregnant by her boyfriend Karl. She is very shocked although there were a lot of clues indicating towards it. He suggested in the beginning he would only „stay a bit“. it takes till the end of the story for her to realize she actually means little to him. Surfing is a „Life-Force“ for him and she just seems to be a „nice thing“ in his life. This is indirectly revealed in the expression: „ And Justine would already be at the bach, and the fire in the coal range would be alight(..)“ Only once does she think that he wont stay forever. „It was the only time he had ever mentioned the future (...) gave her the feeling that (...) he might leave (...)“ In the end the author uses the words: „(...) the sound of the waves, breaking violently against the distant reef.“ The waves symbolize Justine‘s feelings, swirling emotions like waves, they literally „destroy“ her plans for the future. Karl loved surfing those waves, leaving Justine for them, and so the waves destroyed her dream of a future with him. Also in „The Red Sari“ the world of the main character changed after becoming aware of the poverty. He isn‘t meeting a „Bad Boy“ like Karl who may spoil his life, changing his life, but he experiences the savage poverty of India. Both Justine and the main character allow them to come into their lives and affect their feelings. However his experience in a traffic jam in New Delhi is only lasts about one hour, he spends this time trying to distract himself from it.(„Could we...
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