Responding to a Multi-Car Accident

Topics: Semi-trailer truck, Truck, Tractor unit Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Responding to a Multi-Car Accident
James Shafer
Everest College
April 23, 2013

I have been dispatched to a multi-car accident on an elevated portion of a freeway. Upon arrival I see at least three cars involved and a large tractor trailer rig that has fallen on its side, with the cab section hanging precariously over the side of the freeway. There are six steps to follow to complete this call and to make sure everyone comes out of it safe. To back track a little bit I have already made sure I were stocked up on supplies and I had everything I was going to need for any type of emergency call I responded to. Once I was dispatched to the call I made sure to give due regard for safety of everyone else on the roadway, and to arrive on the scene in a safe and timely manner.

Upon arriving at the scene the first thing I want to do, is make sure to park my vehicle at least 50 feet away from the scene of the crash and also turn on my emergency flashers(Le Baudour & Bergeron,2012). After making sure I am parked in a safe location I want to establish everyone safety by putting out safety cones, or flares at least a 100 feet from the scene (Le Baudour & Bergeron, 2012). The next thing I want to do is check to make sure there is no fuel leaking, or any cars on fire, and as I walk up to the scene I want to assess the situation to see how many victims there are, and if any were thrown from the vehicles (Le Baudour & Bergeron, 2012). If everything is safe I then want to proceed to try and see if there is any way to stabilize the tractor trailer rig and the cab section with a strap or a rope and try to gain entry through the rear window if I can (Le Baudour & Bergeron, 2012). After all that I would start to care for the most critically injured.

The other resources I would want to call would be law enforcement to help with traffic, the fire department in case of a fire, and an ambulance to transport the victims to the...
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