Responce to John Holt's "School Is Bad for Children" in My English 098 Text Book

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (877 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Richard Thorne-Kalmbach
English 098- assignment 3
Professor Merck
To say school is completely bad for children would be ignorant. Without schools children would lack the discipline, focus, and life skills that you would need to survive in the real world. Although I agree partially with John Holt’s “School Is Bad for Children”, I disagree with many of his ideas of how we should fix our schools. Holt makes many good points of how school is bad, or at least the way they teach is, but also fails to take into perspective other points of view about the education system, and the possible consequences of some of the changes he would like to make to the school’s. Holt states that the student learns that “learning is a passive process, something that someone else does to you. Instead of something you do for yourself.” On this point I agree with Holt, because schools force you to learn their way instead of focusing on your strengths and weakness’. I also believe that school is not the only way to learn, and that schools should encourage students to learn things on their own outside of school instead of teaching the students that school is the only place you learn. Students should also be placed into classes by skill level instead of focus so much on the grade number they are in. I also agree with Holt’s idea that in school the student “learns to be bored.” In school a student, to prevent being called on or getting in trouble, learns to “Dodge and bluff” the teacher into thinking that he knows the material. Instead he just goes round and round with the teacher until the teacher beliefs that he knows the “right answer”. Students are also taught that there is only one way, and only one right answer to things. The school teaches the student that there is one right answer, and that he/she must use their method of solving the problem to get the correct answer. If the student does not use the same method taught in class then the way they are trying to solve the...
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