Respiratory Therapist

Topics: Therapy, Respiratory therapy, Pulmonology Pages: 3 (778 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Ms. Paula Weston
English 101-57
30 October 2012
In the World of Respiratory Therapy
When you graduate high school most of us look forward to going to college and starting a new chapter in our lives. There are many choices of fields to choose from when we enter college. Some of us know right from the start what we want to do and some of us don’t. I have had many ideas of what I might want to pick as my career for the rest of my life. It first started out with wanting to be a teacher, and then it changed to a veterinary technician, and finally with lots of thought and research I have decided I want to be a Respiratory Therapist.

I have struggled through many years trying to find the perfect career I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I knew I wanted to do a career in the health care field because I knew it would always be a field that would be around and always in demand. When interviewing Dennis Brown, a Registered Respiratory Therapist, he stated, “I had always been interested in the medical profession, and the coursework provided me with the flexibility to choose another medical profession if I found respiratory care was not what I believed it to be.”(Brown). It hadn’t occurred to me until I was talking with Brown that I could use my background and degree to go into other medical fields if I felt the respiratory field wasn’t the one for me.

One reason I have chosen this field is I have always wanted to work with children. I love being around children they are so innocent and have no worries and are always happy go lucky, most of the time. In my research I have found that I could work in the neonatal and pediatric care. I would love to help out a child in need and try to my best to help them get better in any way that I could and it would give me a lot of satisfaction and being able to do that every day would all be worth it.

Another reason for choosing this field is I could get a job anywhere I go. If I chose to stay in Michigan there are many...
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