Respiratory System and Tiny Air Sacs

Topics: Respiratory system, Blood, Vertebrate trachea Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Respiratory System Powerpoint — Presentation Transcript
* 1. The Respiratory System By:Sydney Wright, Constance Nevels, Fatimah Austin and Carol Clay * 2. Primary Function of Respiratory System The respiratory system supplies the blood with oxygen so that the blood can deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. And also removes carbon dioxide waste that cells produce. * 3.  

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* 9. Respiratory System Structure Nasal Cavity: Passes air through nose Mouth: Passes air through Pharynx: The throat. Cone shaped passageway leading to trachea. Trachea: Windpipe. Main tube connecting nose/mouth to lungs. Epiglottis: Flap that covers the entrance to the trachea. Lungs: Main organ of the respiratory system. * 10. Respiratory System Structure Bronchi: Two tubes inside of lungs that air passes through to the bronchioles. Bronchioles: Small branching out tubes divided into alveoli. Alveoli: Tiny air sacs that do the oxidation and the exhale of carbon dioxide. Capillaries: Blood vessels that are imbedded in the walls of the alveoli. While in the capillaries the blood discharges carbon dioxide into the alveoli and takes up oxygen from the air in the alveoli. Cilia: Hair like structures that remove dust and dirt from the air. * 11. How the Respiratory System Works Air that flows from the mouth or nasal cavity travels through the pharynx and moves down to the trachea. Then the air moves to the bronchi tubes as they enter the lungs. Once the air gets in the lungs, the air enters separate branches called the bronchiole. Carbon dioxide passes from the blood into the alveoli and is then exhaled. * 12. How the Respiratory System Works Once in your lungs Oxygen travels from your lungs through the bloodstream to the cells in all parts of your body. Cells use the oxygen as fuel and give off carbon dioxide as waste gas.The waste gas is carried by the bloodstream back to the lungs to be exhaled. * 13. Interesting...
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