Respecting Privacy

Topics: Employment, Ethics, Privacy Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Training Employees to Respect Privacy

As technology rapidly advances, companies face ever increasing challenges to protect the privacy of both customers and employees. Companies are being held legally accountable for these protections with strict fines if violations occur. Accountability can be achieved by educating employees on company policies and training on how to apply them. Applying privacy policies can have ethical implications for employees creating an element of ambiguity in the employee’s job. Dealing with ambiguity is a higher level competency that requires employees to be skilled at dealing with change, making good decisions and being comfortable acting without all of the information. An employee’s own ethical standards could influence their judgment and decisions. Therefore, employers would also benefit by hiring employees that demonstrate high ethical standards themselves as a minimum requirement for the job.

In the case of Claremont Bank, they are taking proactive steps to train employees on their privacy requirements at new hire orientation. One can assume they have a clearly written policy that includes the privacy laws relative to the bank and that it is reviewed annually. Using case studies is an effective training technique to expose employees to different scenarios, allowing you to evaluate their decision making skills, ethical considerations, and application of the policies. Utilizing the Adult Learning Model will enhance the training by ensuring that the new hires are receiving opportunities to practice, receive feedback, and correct any deficiencies. A test should be applied at the end of the training to ensure consistent and appropriate application of the policy. Since there isn’t always a “text book” answer to privacy issues, on-going refresher training will provide opportunities for correction of any deficiencies and update the employees on changes to policies and laws.

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