Respect the Nature

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Respect the nature
Reductions of biological are being as threatened to human civilization. Human activity is the main reason of decreasing natural habitats, which has also destroyed the balance of nature; furthermore, the bio diversities are also getting damaged. Thus, genetic erosion and the rarity are even disappearing; numbers of plant and animal species are becoming endangered. As civilization size developed, there will be more population, invading more space, demand more natural resources, and engaging in ever-growing consumption, while, impose severe deterioration of the habitat of animals. A rising number of people come to realize that the disappearance of animals will result in a serious threat to the equilibrium of the ecosystem. For a simple example, the decreasing of hawks, a rat-eating bird, this will result in an explosive growth of rats. Rats, which will destroy the prairies and imperil the other species like wild ox, giraffe and others, who live on grass and green lands. Not only the animal, but also the plant is decreasing, which means the next year’s vegetation is going to be less, thus, the whole ecosystem is during vicious circle. Human and animals can share the same sky, and we can build a perfect harmonious world, therefore, it makes our planet full of vividness. Earth is not only for human beings, but also for entire creatures. Due to the development of technology, human has invaded more and more wild animals’ land. Moreover, the number of population rapid growth needs more nature resources. We expel or even kill animals to get enough room for our own living, and we never respect the nature rules, just to keep our better life to reform nature environment. The disappearances of wild animals are rapidly increasing from this planet; otherwise the natural environment is reformed to meet human living demands, we just destroy wild animals home to build ours. That is unfair to animals, and we are ignoring their existing rights. It is impossible...
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