Respect: High School and Hand-held Video Games

Topics: High school, Respect, Profanity Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: July 29, 2008
What happened to the days when guys held doors for women? What ever happened to adolescents keeping their mouths shut when their parents were yelling at them? People have gotten so extremely rude over the years that it’s hard to find people that say “please” or “thank you”. Manners are rapidly declining in many areas of society because of how people treat their elders, how students treat their teachers, and how kids act at home.

One way Americans show this loss of manners is how they treat their elders. Children talk back to their parents so much these days it’s unbelievable. I have a little cousin that is constantly talking back to his parents. Although he is only eight years old and not allowed to use profane language, he nevertheless uses profanity in front of his parents. Children are not following their parents orders more and more these days than in the past. It says in the article “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” by Josh Trepanier that “elders are also shown less and less respect on the roads.” I’m at fault here as many other people are as we honk at slow senior citizen drivers. We young drivers don’t treat senior citizens the way they treated their elders.

Teachers have the worst experience with this loss of manners in our society. Students are arguing and yelling non-stop at their teachers. From my experiences in high school teens are no longer afraid to talk back to their teachers. I once again fell into this decline by never respecting the teachers I disliked. I would get into intense arguments over nothing. In my junior year in high school I made my teacher run out of the classroom crying. I used some language I shouldn’t have used and with all this I still didn’t get into any trouble. In the article it says “the problem is that the instructors hear the disrespectful adolescents and let them get away with being totally ignorant.” I got away for what I did to my teacher junior year and did the same thing to one of my teachers my senior year. Once again I got away...
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