Respect for Superiors in Army

Topics: United States Army, United States, Vietnam War Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: May 2, 2011
The basic yet fundamental core element of the army as a whole is respect towards your superiors. Respect is necessary within any entity to project the proper and acceptable levels of cohesion needed to function. Not only must one project the appearance of respect, but truly understand what respect means. Since respect can be defined as holding regard or esteem for someone or something, a person must better understand their superiors and surroundings in general. However, due to circumstances within each relationship, whether personal or professional, often times personal issues and concerns must be set aside to reach said levels of cohesion. Removing personal matters or disputes is essential, in most cases, to be able to focus on the tasks at hand and create an efficient work environment. One of the best ways to demonstrate respect for your superiors is to follow the chain of command. By following the chain of command, an example is set, which extends and correlates to all other aspects of ones’ daily life. Never undermining the order and routine set forth by the United States army enables one to obtain personal goals, as well as those set forth by ones’ team. To disregard the need for order would allow chaos to reign, and all objectives would become null. How can the chain pull the cart if one link is missing? Obedience and direction are necessary, something that can only be enacted and provided by ones superiors. To imagine the ramifications that would ensue as a result of not respecting the chain of command is terrifying. Dissent is often contagious, and seeing the insubordination acted out by one person could create a domino effect on their peers. Furthermore, disregarding the respect that should be shown to ones superiors, especially in the presence of fellow personnel, can be extremely embarrassing. To cause any such emotion in someone of your superior is a direct offense, and should not be taken lightly. Full punishment should be demanded and...
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