Respect Authority

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  • Published : October 4, 2011
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I, have always respected authority, I believe it is always imperative to respect authority, as shortly after I entered the Marine Corps I heard a story about a NCO that told a LCPL to get over here now and he did and right after he moved the berm where he had been standing was shot right where his head would have been. I remember that story from when my gunny told it to me when I first got to the fleet it’s something I don’t think I will ever forget it is one of the things that reminds me every day that it is most important and imperative that I always listened and have instant willingness and obedience to orders. My parents both were military my father was in the Army for twenty one years and he retired as a Sergeant first class in the Army equivalent to the rank of a first sergeant in the United States Marine Corps my mother served honorably in the United States Marine Corps and was a Marine and she retired as a Sergeant and believe me they taught me to respect authority. They taught me to respect all authority whether it be a police officer, military member they even taught me to respect my elders and civilians alike no matter what age race religion or rank I give respect to all even if I don’t get respect back I believe that even though someone is disrespectful to you or to anyone else I still believe that no matter what they say or do they need to be treated with respect anyways I also believe that as long as you give respect you will get respect back and you will be a better person man and Marine because of it. I can remember multiple times in my own childhood that listening to authority rather it be my parents, grandparents police officers military members elders or any other person in authority the outcome would have been drastically different such as the time that when my brother and I were nine and eight and we were living at 606 Milne Street, Rock Spring Wyoming it was a huge lot and our landlords were storing heavy equipment in our yard, and my...
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