Respect and Honor

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The word honor means a handful of different things. Honor means high respect, as that shown for special merit or esteem. It is also a good name or reputation. It also can mean glory or recognition or distinction. Also a mark, token, or gesture of respect or distinction is also honor. A military decoration is also an honor. The word honor is used in many different ways.

In the bible "Honor thy mother and father" is always used, it is a sign of respect. Your mother and father are in charge of you and you should respect them. They raised you so by respecting them and showing it , you're honoring your parents. Maximus and the Roman legion uses "strength and honor" as their motto. They use it as what they live by. Honor to them is something want to be they want to be honest and respectful and strong. Maximus probably grew up with strength and honor as his motto and he wants to continue to live by it and show it through all of his actions.

Antigone buries her brother for "honor" because she wants fairness and the respect for her other brother although he was "in the wrong" for attacking his own. She wants him to get the recognition for dying for equality that he deserves. In The Absolutely True Part Time Diary of an Indian the white people are glorified for being smart and doing what they are told and called to do. But the Indians because they are who they are and their reputation do not get glorified when they do something completely outrageous and wonderful.

We sometimes glorify the word honor. We use honor for "honoring the smart" like the Honors Society. But really, they are not really doing much to be honored for anyone could do it. To be honored you should be out doing something others do not do. You should be trying to change things and make the world better. We prize honor but we also disrespect it. Although some do not like war its a perfect example. Some people that die for us are never honored but the ones that come back alive and made...
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