Resp Mechanics Lab 1

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Respiratory Mechanics 1

Note there is an error in your lab book! The starting radius for the flow tube diameter should be 5mm in each experiment and NOT 6mm.Use your computer link to ADAm for this part of this week’s lab. You are also responsible for the PowerPhys lab report.

Measuring Normal Respiratory Volumes

1) Calculate the minute respiratory volume using the tidal volume and breaths per minute (pump rate).

2) Define the following terms:
a. Respiration- The act of breathing, inhaling and exhaling. b. Alveoli- located at the ends of the bronchiole, air sacs in the lungs where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place. c. Diaphragm- the partition separating the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity.

In the following table are the data calculated during a restricted air flow test. Use these data to answer the following questions.

FEV1 as % of Vital Capacity|
Radius| FEV1| Vital Capacity| FEV1 (%)|
5| 3541| 4791| 73.9|
4.5| 2503| 3143| 73.3|
4| 1422| 1962| 72.4|
3.5| 822| 1150| 71.4|
3| 436| 621| 70.2|

3) What affect does reducing the radius of the air flow tube on respiratory volumes? Reducing radius of the air flow tube decreases respiratory volume.

Effects of Surfactant on Respiratory Volumes

4) How does surfactant affect the tidal volume?
It minimizes surface tension in the alveoli which makes it easier for the alveoli to increase surface area for gas exchange.

5) How does addition of surfactant affect the total air flow into the lungs?

It affects the total airflow because it allows the air flow into the lungs to be increased because resistance is lowered.

6) Why does surfactant have the affect that it does on total air flow?

It minimizes the tension at the surface, which allows the alveoli to increase surface area for gas exchange…we can breathe more and...
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