Resourcing Talent

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Resourcing Talent Report
Adrienne Westerdale

Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce is very important; there are many organisational benefits for doing so. People of different ages, genders and cultures will bring new skills and ideas to the organisation. A diverse workforce can help to inform companies of new or enhanced products and services as well as open up new market opportunities. It can improve market share and broaden an organisations customer base. CIPD defines managing diversity as “valuing everyone as an individual- valuing people as employees, customers and clients”. Location is a factor that can affect an organisations approach to attracting talent; there are lots of people that will look for work close to their homes to avoid commuting or even relocating. This could become a problem for organisations especially if recruiting for a specialised position such as engineers; it could be that they have advertised the vacancy locally and haven’t had a suitable applicant so will need to look further afield. It may take a little longer to fill the position which could increase the work load for other employees. Again this would have an effect on the organisation as it could lead to employees taking time off due to stress. Salaries would be another factor that can affect the approach to attracting talent. By offering a high salary you are more likely to receive more applicants for the position, however, the company can only offer a specific salary for a specific role. The organisations reputation has a massive affect, maintaining good relationships with employees will help create a good reputation. Offering your staff good benefits and salaries as well as treating them fairly with respect will encourage them to speak highly of the company. Good news travels fast which will attract potential employees to the organisation, however, if you don’t look after your employees you will find it hard to gain their respect which could result in loosing staff. The recruitment methods a company use can determine who they attract when recruiting. There are many things to consider when deciding which methods to use; we must look at the costs of different methods. Advertising can be very expensive, magazines especially. For a black and white quarter page advert a company can look to pay as much as £5,100 and up to £7,650 for half a page. This can also affect an organisations approach to recruitment and selection; as advertising is very costly most companies will be limited to where they can advertise a vacancy which may not attract the appropriate candidate. Recruitment Methods

Email: Recruiting through email can be an effective way to recruit internally as everyone within the organisation has access to it; however, there are chances that some employees may not pick their emails up in time to apply for the position. It could also cause conflict if only certain people are sent the email encouraging them to apply for the vacancy and others within the company aren’t. Notice boards are also used to advertise vacancies internally; there are advantages to these as everyone can see them. Most people will take a look if something new is put up; the advert will have to be bright and bold to attract attention. Notice boards don’t always attract the appropriate candidate and employers can find that most of their applicants are unsuitable for the position. A successful way of recruiting internally would be through talent planning/management; this way the employee has the chance to learn all aspects of the business at different levels while progressing. Methods of external recruitment can be through recruitment agencies; a variety of different external agencies can be employed to undertake some part of the recruitment process on behalf of employers. The good thing about using agencies is that they do all the work for you. They will advertise the vacancy as well carry out a short interview with any candidates to...
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