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Texas Board of Nursing Resource List For Nursing Jurisprudence Exam Acronyms and Abbreviations used in Resource List: BON = Board of Nursing CE = Continuing Education FAQ = Frequently Asked Question NPA = Nursing Practice Act Topic APN role in delegation Board functions Board reportable Minor Incident Boundary Violations Subject area Nursing Practice Licensure and Regulation Peer Review Resources Rule §217.11(3); FAQ on BON web site: Delegation and the Advanced Practice Nurses Rule §211.2 (b)

Rule §217.16


Rule §217.11(1) (J), Rule §217.12(6) (D); BON Bulletin: Jan ’08, pg. 4-5; National Council of State Boards of Nursing web page: Professional Boundaries Brochure: Rule §216; CE Brochure

CE Requirements for License Renewal Conduct: reportable/nonreportable Criminal Conduct Delegation: APN role Delegation: Licensure Level for Differentiate Role of LVN versus RN

Licensure and Regulation Disciplinary Action Ethics Nursing Practice Nursing Practice Nursing Practice

NPA 301.401(1), Rule 217.11(1)(K), Rule §217.16 NPA 301.4535; Rule §213.28; Disciplinary Guidelines for Criminal Conduct Rule §217.11(3); FAQ on BON web site: Delegation and the Advanced Practice Nurses Rules §217.11(3)(B), 224 and 225

Differentiate Training, Supervision, and Delegation

Nursing Practice

Nursing Practice Section of Web Page: Interpretive Guideline for LVN Scope of Practice under Rule §217.11, Position Statements 15.2, 15.3, 15.7, 15.8, 15.13, 15.24, FAQ on BON website on LVNs Performing Triage/Telephonic Nursing/Being On-Call Rules §224.4 (3), §224.10, §225.4(6), §225.13, and §217.11 (1) (S)(U), (2), Guideline for LVN Scope of Practice Under Rule 217.11


Topic Due Process: Incident-Based Peer Review Due Process: Safe Harbor Peer Review Due Process Exclusions: Incident-Based Peer Review Due Process Exclusions: Safe Harbor Peer Review Ethical Conduct File a complaint Fitness to practice

Subject area Resources Peer Review Rule §217.19(d)

Peer Review Rule §217.20(h)

Peer Review Rule §217.19(f)

Peer Review Rule §217.20(f)

Ethics Disciplinary Action Disciplinary Action

Rules §213.27, §213.28, §213.29, §213.30 and §217.12 NPA 301.457, Complaint Form and FAQs under Disciplinary Action Section of BON website NPA 301.401, 301.410, Rule 213.29 and Disciplinary Sanction Policy ; BON Bulletins: April ’07, pg 5, Jan ’06, pg 7-8. NPA 301.452(b)(12), Rule 217.12 Disciplinary Sanction Policies Disciplinary Guidelines for Criminal Conduct NPA 301.452, 301.453, 301.4535

Good Professional Character


Grounds for Disciplinary Action Guidelines

Disciplinary Action Nursing Practice


Investigation of Complaints Invoking Safe Harbor Licensure Level for Delegation: License Renewal

Licensure and Regulation Disciplinary NPA 301.457; Disciplinary Action: Action Peer Review Rule §217.20(d), Three forms at this link Nursing Rules §217.11(3)(B), 224 and 225 Practice Licensure and Regulation

Nursing Practice Section of Web Page Under “Guidelines/Interpretive Guidelines” NPA 301.351 and Rule §217.10

NPA 301.301, 301.3011, 301.302; and Rule §217.6


Topic License Required License Verification

Mandatory By individual nurse: NPA 301.402, 301.4025 and Rule 217.11(K) Reporting By others: NPA 301.403, 301.404, 301.405, 301.406, 301.407, 301.408, 301.409, 301.410 Requirements Minor Incident, Peer Review NPA 301.419 and Rules 217.16, 217.19 & 217.20 (def) Definition Minor Incident, Peer Review Rule §217.16 Board reportable Home page BON web site; NPA first page; first page of BON Mission Licensure and Bulletin (box at top of page)...
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