Resource Leveling

Topics: Project management, Resource allocation, Critical path method Pages: 4 (1036 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Resource Leveling
Resource leveling is the process that ensures resource demand does not exceed resource availability. The ideal scenario would be a build up of resource usage at the beginning of the project and a reduction at the end of the project. However, the approach to resource leveling will also depend on whether resources are dedicated to a particular project or shared across several projects and whether there is a need to keep all resources fully utilized. Introduction:

Resource leveling is a technique in project management that overlooks resource allocation and resolves possible conflict arising from over allocation. When project managers undertake a project, they need to plan their resources accordingly. This will benefit the organization without having the face conflicts and not being able to deliver on time. Resource leveling is considered one of the key elements to resource management in the organization. An organization starts to face problems if resources are not allocated properly i.e. some resource may be over allocated whilst others will be under allocated. Both will bring about a financial risk to the organization. The Two Key Elements of Resource Leveling:

As the main aim of resource leveling is to allocate resource efficiently, so that the project can be completed in the given time period. Hence, resource leveling can be broken down into two main areas; projects that can be completed by using up all resources which are available and projects that can be completed with limited resources. Projects which use limited resources can be extended for over a period of time until the resources required are available. If then again, the number of projects that an organization undertakes exceeds the resources available. Then it's wiser to postpone the project for a later date. Structure of Resource Leveling:

Many organizations have a structured hierarchy of resource leveling. A work based structure is as follows. * Stage
* Phase
* Task/...
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