Resolve Cross Cultural Misunderstandings

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You are required to read this to help you prepare for your studies at George Brown College. Students who deferred from the previous semester and re-applied to the January 2013 semester are also required to follow these steps. MANDATORY STEPS Confirmation and Payment by Offer Expiry Date 1. Confirm and Pay your fees before the Offer Expiry Date on your Acceptance Letter and Confirmation/Invoice Form. 2. Sign the Confirmation/Invoice Form and return with the Proof of Payment by fax (International Centre fax: 416-415-2120 or 416-415-4722 or email attachment to your Admissions Officer) if paying by credit card or bank transfer (attach the bank transfer receipt) and if paying by Money Order or Bank Draft send by mail or courier to the International Centre well before the due date. 3. Deferred students from previous semesters with payment already in a George Brown account must also submit to the International Centre or to your Admissions Officer a signed Confirmation/Invoice Form for the January 2013 semester to ensure a place. 4. Sending the signed Confirmation/Invoice Form and the Fees/ Proof of Payment on or before the Confirmation Due Date are both required to secure a seat in your program. 5. Payment of fees. Payment by bank transfer is only available for fee payments sent from outside Canada and takes longer than any other payment method. If paying by bank transfer, indicate Student Name, Student ID and Date of Birth on the Bank Transfer details to avoid delays or loss of payment. Send a copy of the bank transfer receipt to your Admissions Officer by e-mail or fax. If payment is not received by the College, you cannot register for your program. A Late Penalty Fee of $125.00 is charged for payments received after the due date, but only if the program is still open. Please note that confirmation and payment do not automatically register you in your program. Follow steps 9 to 11 to register for your courses. Stu-View Password Reset Requirement 6. The Stu-View Password in your Acceptance Letter is valid as of the print date but you are required to go to to change/reset your password immediately Page 2 of 13

and answer the security questions to keep it valid. Once you have reset your password, the new password is valid for one year and will expire automatically every year. 7. If you have problems with your password or you are unable to log into Stu-View or you have difficulty registering for courses, please call 1-416-415-2000 or 1-800-265-2002 for help. Press option 1, then press 0 to speak to an agent directly. You can also contact for help. George Brown Student E-mail Address 8. All George Brown students are given an e-mail address which must be activated after registration of courses or just before the start of classes. Important notices from the College including your assignments from your teachers, and communications from College staff will be made through this George Brown e-mail account. To activate your George Brown e-mail account, please go to Registration Procedure 9. Registration. To choose your courses in the program, you must register online. Check the registration start date for programs and respective semesters on Monday November 19, 2012 by going to If you register at the start of your registration period, you will be assured a seat in all courses required for the semester and you will have a better selection of courses and timetable. 10. Use your Student ID number and Password to log on to STU-VIEW to register and choose your courses during the scheduled registration period. Follow the on-screen instructions. 11. If you have problems with your password or you are unable to log on to Stu-View or...
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