Resistance to Change and Stress

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Changes and stress are issues with which all organization has to struggle in a given moment. To speak of changes can bring in some individuals certain degree of annoyance and uncertainty, due probably to the fear of what the future awaits. Is very natural for individuals to feel comfortable with what they carry out every day, because it is something that they know and dominate. But the reality is that the world changes, every day Planet Earth gives a turn in its own axis, and it is not different for the organizations. Through this paper it will be analyzed the effect that changes and stress produce in the individuals and how these factors can also have an influence in the development and productivity inside the organizations. Recommendations will be provided to manage changes and methods to improve the stress within organizations.

Resistance to Change and Stress

Changes are necessary and they help organizations to stay productive and competitive. The implementation of changes is a task that requires planning, design and good organization. Is not to be expected that all the individuals inside an organization agree with the changes that are wanted to carry out, there will always be someone that resists to the change. Changes are not always welcome because many times it causes uncertainty and stress. The organization will be influenced in a positive or negative way depending in how individuals manage stress and assimilate changes.

Resistance to Change

In many cases, resistance to change limits the organizations to go beyond the habitual thing and to possibly discover the success behind the unknown. Fear of failure, security of the present, the habit of doing known tasks and the power that produces the experience are factors that make the individuals to resist to the change.

Consequences in Organization

Resistance to change is a symptom that indicates that changes inside the organization are not welcome. Individuals can reflect resistance to change with behaviors as are absenteeism, fallen arms, and decrease in productivity, indifference and lack of interest. Agents of change should not lose of perspective that organizations are what their individuals are. An organization cannot reflect to be a productive one and in vanguard of the technology, if its employees are not. Resistance to change retards the economic and intellectual growth within organizations.


Managers should focus and attend the resistance to change among the organizations if they want to maintain a healthy and productive atmosphere. Leaders should increase their self-awareness of promotion and prevention styles of self-regulation and rely on a mix of individuals that increase the chances of valuing and enhancing both continuity and change in their organizations (Taylor-Bianco, Schermerhorn, 2006). As leaders, managers should maintain an effective communication with employees, this will make them feel sure, will increase the trust in management and changes will be seem in a positive way because they will understand that changes are valid and necessary. Employees need to feel that they are part of the change and they should be involved in the innovative activities of the organization, this will help to minimize the resistance. Finally, organizations may not lose of perspective that it will be helpful for employees if they provide them the resources to obtain psychological help in moments of radical changes and high stress levels; this will demonstrate that organizations care about the health of their employees.

Sources of Stress

Stress in organizations can be a product of environmental, organizational and personal factors. Environmental factors can be those that create economic and political uncertainties and those that are related with changes in technology and changes in the atmosphere. Other sources that generate stress inside the organization are the pressure exercised by the tasks that have to be...
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