Resistance to Change

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Principles of Management
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How can a Manager Address the various elements of resistance to change that he/she may have to face when implanting change?

“It is perhaps ironic that, given the number of failed change initiatives, those who question the need for change are often cast as the villains of the piece, as unable to adapt to the dynamic changing conditions of the modern world.”Resistance to change is the action taken by individuals and groups when they perceive that a change is occurring as a threat to them. An individual is likely to resist change for many reasons. Some of these include, uncertainty, concern over personal loss, and the belief that the change is not in the organization’s best interest. Employees in organizations often hold a dislike for uncertainty. The second cause of resistance is the fear of losing something already possessed, the more people have invested in the current system, the more they resist change. They fear the loss of their position, money, authority, friendships, personal convenience, or other benefits that they value. The final cause of resistance is a person’s belief that the change is incompatible with the goals and best interests of the organizations. One of the most important resistant to change is fear of incompetence. Some people may fear they will not be able to handle the new job requirements. Therefore they manipulate the system for their own agenda. The morale in the organization becomes affected negatively and becomes fragile. Although there are no certain solutions, several techniques at least have the potential to decrease or even eliminate this resistance. Participation is often the effective technique for overcoming resistance to change. Employees who participate in planning and implementing a change are better able to understand the reasons for the change. Uncertainty is reduced, and self-interest and social relationships are less threatened. Having had an...
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