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Resistance to Change

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Ways of dealings resistance to organizational change

Change is constant, and every change is large and small present and opportunity for cooperation, for communication and for great teamwork – or for the opposite. Change is defined as pervasive influence, her all aspects as are subject to continual change of one form to another. Any type of organizational change involves role transition of some type. In light of role transitions, it is almost natural for employees to resist major changes in the workplace environment. Some contend that resistance to change is natural they contend that this resistance is instinctive that have a desire perpetual stability. Many processes recognize that resistance individual interviews provide an environment where individual stories can be heard in a safe environment. Whole person process facilitation can be used in focus group with an appreciative inquiry and vision based diagnosis approach to identify resources the organization already possesses that are currently utilized, under –utilized or have been previously unrecognized.

It is continuous to argue that, change is an inescapable part of both social an organizational life. In very simple words, we can say that change means the alteration of status quo or making things different. “The term change refers to any alterations which occurs in the overall work environment of an organization.” Organization obtain for adaptability by defining new competitive strategies based on their analysis of what they see happening in their industry. A company can set out become the lowest –cost provider in a particular market, develop offering that feature the most cutting-edge technologies or a unique consumer need that no other firm has identified yet. Different section of the company like research,...

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