Resident Evil

Topics: Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Shinji Mikami Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: November 11, 2010
Resident Evil
By Skyler Garrard 4th period

This paper will be about resident evil I will be researching where the idea came from, who created it, what the games are about and what plans they have for the future.  
Resident Evil was created by a video game company named Capcom. The main director’s name was Shinji Mikami. Shinji Mikami actually started out making games Title’s from Disney Movies such as Aladdin and three other titles. Shinji Mikami started working for Capcom in 1990 after a few years of working for Capcom he decided to make an action/adventure horror game. This game would end up being the first Resident Evil. Shinji Mikami idea was based off George A. Romero’s Movie’s which consisted of night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, land of the dead etc. as you can tell these all consisted of zombie’s and dead people. Seriously who wouldn’t want to make a game series like this? This first game was going to take place in a mansion with zombies and other strange creatures. The main characters in this game would be Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker. The story of this game was that strange cannibal outbreaks had been happening in the Arkus Mountains around raccoon city. After a distress call the S.T.A.R.S Police force decides to send a team of people to go investigate this team was called bravo team. So bravo team is investigating and they get attacked by something so then they send a distress call to Alpha team but it cuts off and looses reception. After that alpha team goes and gets geared up and gets in a helicopter to go save them. By the time alpha team gets to the scene they find Bravo’s helicopter empty. After investigating the helicopter they noticed that they had left plenty of ammunition and weapons why would they leave all that there it doesn’t make sense. After more investigation they find a dead body with bite marks all over his face when all of a sudden a pack dog like creatures comes out of...
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