Resident Assistant Essay

Topics: Extracurricular activity, Employment, High school Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: June 3, 2012
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX and I am currently a junior; majoring in biological science and psychology minor. I have worked as a desk staffer at Harbor hall in fall 2010 and I have also been working in a research lab in chemistry department for past academic year including winter break. I am involved in several clubs on campus such as Hindu Students Council, South Asian Students Association, and Treasurer for Pre-Pharmacy club. My future plan is to graduate from UMBC, go to pharmacy school, and work in a retail pharmacy.

I wish to obtain a Resident Assistant position where I can expand my time management, public relations, and leadership skills that can make me an efficient person in future not only in a workplace but also in my daily life; being a Resident Assistant will greatly benefit me and my floor resident because of the qualities I can contribute. I want to be your Resident Assistant because I am a very reliable and responsible person. This can be reflected from my previous work experience, working two jobs while in school and also participating in other extracurricular activities on campus and also out side. (i.e BAPS temple) I go to BAPS temple, located in Beltsville, every Sunday where we (group) teach young kids about Hinduism, morals, real life expectation, and school. I have had significant amount of work experience that involves a lot of communication and great customer service such as ice-cream server at Brusters, cashier at Hollister Co., Security at UMBC bookstore, and desk staff at Harbor hall which allowed me to expand my communication and public relation skills that one can not just learn by reading books on communication and relationships. I have always showed how motivated and enthusiastic I was to the customers and supervisors and earned their respect. As diverse as it is, UMBC will be a great start for working with different ethnic group students and will also give me more experience on diverse workspace. My views on diversity is...
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