Reservation System

Topics: Caste system in India, Dalit, Reservation in India Pages: 5 (2033 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Actually every thing, every right, every facility is misused, in our country. Basically it was for the deserving people, but it has never reached to the right person. The creamy class among SC, ST, OBC, who are otherwise more rich and powerful, than any even General Category person, are taking its benefits. So it is just to keep an SC on our head always, and there is no use of it nor for the deserving SC, ST, OBC nor for any other. As they are giving the reservation to other cast, i feel in future they will give the reservation to the general to come ahead in their life. this matter is become a good point for the politition which they always used for the election. i just want to tell how many people are taking advantage of reservation. .When the law was passed, such people did not have enough facilities as the upper/rich class. So consideration was given to them. Thats the same reason why, in many educational institutions they have rural and urban quota. Rural areas doesn't have ample facilities like libraries as they do in urban. But situation has changed now. So the reservations based on caste should be brought down. However reservation for physically challenged, women, and rural areas must remain. Reservation was and is necessary but it is being misused by politicians for their selfish gains during election times. Since reservation has been there for a long time now, at least the ratio of reservation should be made lesser and lesser every year and eventually end it all together. But, I'm afraid this will never happen because of our unscrupulous politicians. NO RESERVATION MUST BE THERE FOR ANY CAST .IT MUST BE BASED ON ECONOMIC CONDITIONOF INDIVIDUALS AND THEY MUST BE FINANCIALLY AIDED/HELPED TO GET EDUCATED AND AFTER EDUCATION MERRIT MUST BE THE ONLY CRIETAREA FOR JOBS AND PROOTIONS. I FULLY REJECT THE IDEA OF RESERVATIONS ON CAST BASIS BECAUSE WE CAN SEE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES AND MILLIONERS ARE GRABBING THE BENIFIT OF RESERVATIONS AND THE REAL PEOPLE IN NEED FAL TO GRAB THE OPPORTINITY.PEOPLE WHO BROUGHT RESERVATION WERE FAIR BUT NOW PEOPLE HAVE LOST MORAL VALUES AND EVERYONE WANT TO PROGRESS THROUGH SHORTEST ROUTE,I.E.BY HOOK OR CROOK . THIS HAS FAILED THE SLOE PURPOSE OF RESERVATION against

I am completely against reservation on any basis. Reservation is a kind of protectionism which is given to the weak so that they can survive in the competition. The consequence of this is, it hampers the competition. If some sort of protection is given to the incompetent people that will be unfair to the competent persons and this will also discourage them and will encourage the incompetent persons to remain incompetent. That is why any kind of reservation, may it be on the basis of cast or other, should not be given so that it will be justifiable to all. Furthermore, now a days the law has banned all the practices which were discriminating against people from lower cast. Discrimination for the lower cast has become thing of the past. I see reservation as a new way of discriminating against upper cast people by refraining those competent upper cast people in jobs, education or any other sector. Every one is just concerned about the reservation in education field. But the matter of fact is that when the reservation will be removed. It will simply hamper and deteriorate the condition of those unprivileged sects who are still barred from the benefits of reservation. (and the fact is that they still don't know about any thing like reservation & it's benefits). If every one is thinking about equality then why a mass number of them are still unprivileged. (can say they not at all equal among commons). Those who are getting reservation are very small percentage. Compared to the mass numbers. Yet to be developed. Alright friends. Here I am want to share some of my thoughts regarding this matter. Surely reservation is not a good idea. For a democratic country we need and in fact we right to have euality. And this...
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