Reservation System

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The objective of the study is to develop the existing system to computerized reservation system. And also to know what is more effective system for reserving services in the company such as Food reserving, Tables and chairs reserving, and Function room reserving, between proposed computerized reservation system and exist manual system. The objective of the study is the assertion statement of the problem with the general objectives and specific objectives desired outcome of the research process. General Objective

The general objective of the study is to develop the existing system to proposed computerize reservation system in able to help customers of reserving foods, tables, and function to the company. As well as to help the manufacturer to manage all the records of the company. Specific Objective

These are the following objectives that the researcher would like to achieve. * To analyze the proposed computerized reservation system and exist manual system. * To identify the weakness of the two system.

* To identify the uses of the proposed system.
* To be able to make the process of reserving services get easier. * To be able to lessen time consumed in manual system.


The existing system of the restaurant has not so develop to use, that’s why we proposed computerized system for the different reservations of restaurant bar, RACE TO 3 BILLIARD BAR AND RESTAURANT, to be able to build up the function of the restaurant among all the customers. But the purpose of the proposed system is to answer the following questions:

1. What will be the benefits of the proposed system compare to the existing system? 2. What are the purposes of the proposed system for the company? 3. How to use the proposed system in able to develop the existing system. 4. Would it affect the investment or the funds of...
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