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Reservation! Is it satisfying the purpose for which it was implemented?

Why was reservation implemented in India?
India is having a pluralistic society which is comprised of people from different religion, caste and cultures. And the main basis of discrimination is caste and religion. The policy of reservations was designed with the best of intentions and for the exclusive benefit of the backward sections of Indian society. So that the well-being of perceived backward and under-represented communities defined primarily by their 'caste' (quota-system based on 'gender' or 'religion') improve. On one hand we are providing for reservation and on the other hand our constitution swears to not to discriminate its citizens on grounds caste. Is this Justified?

What is this leading to?
This has led to three different tragedies.
First which violates the saying of what is written in the preamble of India ( “Equality of status and opportunity”) but because of reservation many undeserving candidates have got the goal which belonged to the deserving candidates and because of that the deserving’s have remained unaided and the non-deserving’s are enjoying the benefit. Now how is this justifying equality of status and opportunity? Secondly the politicians are using reservation as “Vote Bank”, an instrument for winning votes at election time. Thirdly caste passions are aroused every now and then by self-seeking people, for ulterior ends. These conflicts often lead to bloody clashes, noisy, violent demonstrations and occasional disruption of administrative machinery. Reservation in educational institutions.

It is the educational institutions and the quality of teaching they provide which to a great extent determine the progress of a nation. The educational institutions serve as the backbone of a nation. We should remember that education, particularly higher education, helps us to keep pace and compete with technological advancements of the developed countries of the...
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