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Topics: Leadership, Form of the Good, Thing Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Janeth Ramirez
English 10, Period 6
14 March 2013
The wise Piggy
“The lord of the Flies” by William Golding is about a group of boys who get stranded on an isolated island during the war. The boys have to learn how to make complicated decisions without the presence of adults, in order to keep order. The boys assign Ralph to be there chief. However even though piggy isn’t the strongest physically he demonstrates to be mentally stronger, focused and a good contributor. All this qualities are what make him eligible to be a stronger leader than Ralph.

Piggy is smart because he knows how to make sense of the things that are happening, for example how to keep order. At the begging on the book the stranded boys realize that there are no adults around them, therefore they have to lead themselves. Piggy states “we’ve got to have rules and obey them, after all were not savages. We’re English and the English are the best at everything” (40). The use of the word “best” describes how the boys peruse themselves. Based on this evidence, the reader learns that piggy is wise and in a way even civilized. When Ralph told the boys to keep the fire going but Jack decided to go hunting letting the fire go out. Piggy talked back to Jack when he was trying to justify for what he had done. Ralph states “Piggy for all his ludicrous body, had brains” (71). The use of the word “brains” demonstrates Piggy was knowledgeable. Ralph notices how Piggy is smart but he doesn’t directly tell him that. At the end of the book there’s no more Piggy. The boy’s savagery took over taking Piggy’s life away. Ralph states “what was the sensible thing to do? There was no piggy to talk sense” (179). The word “sense” shows that piggy was the wise one. This quote demonstrates that piggy was the one who had a greater impact on the boys because it was him the one who helped out Ralph make hard decisions. This makes Piggy a better leader because he is the strongest mentally and he could...
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