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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Enhanced interrogation due to the war on terrorism from iraq was ineffective because these techniques would lead to the United States losing ties with certain nations, it led to possible retaliation of other nations, and Obama to make the Detainee Treatment Act.

The thin line between right and wrong is stretched on the issue of enhanced terrorism as a tool to stop the war on terrorism, but at what cost is the United States government willing to go, sacrificing the welling being of americans, and american relations with other countries.

Enhanced interrogation isn't enhancing the United States interests, as the war on terrorism continues the United States have gone to all lengths to stop it but has it gone to far in the new technique of "enhanced interrogation". Former vice president Dick Cheney makes claims that had it not been for the actions taken further attacks agents the United States would have been made (Bergen), Cheney continues with "if only americans could see the top secret information I was given access to then their minds would have changed (Bergen). Yet by using this new technique the government has put the lives of American citizens at risk of other nations retaliating to the actions made. Abu Zubaydan whom was the first detainee to be subject to the new "enhanced interrogation techniques" is a perfect example of this back firing on the government. Zubayden was subject to extreme weather conditions, stripped of his humanity and water-boarded 83 times (Bergen) only to realize Zubaydan had none of the information the government wanted and the United Stated was forced to return him. A huge red target on the United Sated back for torturing a man with unjust causes.

After this case had occurred during the Bush administration it was called into question the actions of authority figures, John Brennan current chief of counterterrorism advisor is being promoted after allegations that Brennan "sat idly by as men were being tortured" (Prasow) should...
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