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Topics: Pub games, Materials science, Material Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: December 10, 2012
First Year Degree - Semester One Week 09 12.11.12 to 14.12.12 This is your third related project - The Games/shed. The first two projects looked at some of the ‘materials’ we work with in Architecture. So with the ‘hybrid project ’we physically used the material timber. With the ‘solid and void project’ we looked at the ‘material’ of space, how it is defined and implied by physical materials such as plastic and metal and by ephemeral materials such as light. In this third project we will look at the ‘material’ of ‘being human’. One aspect of this is when we come together as a group, for instance when we socialise. We want you to look at this with respects to a design proposal for an exhibition stand. You are to exhibit one of the following games: Bat and Trap; Daddlums; Javelot Tir Sur Cible; Knur and Spell; Quoits; Shuffleboard or Skittles. Resource: ‘Played at the Pub’ by Arthur Taylor, produced by English Heritage ( local library). The exhibition will move to various locations, so it needs to be demountable and transportable. It is expected that the games will actually be played so you need to make provision for players and spectators. You will be given a kit of parts to make your exhibition from, in this case a timber shed 2.44m x 3.66m (8’x12’ see illustration). Your game has a prescribed area to play in and specific rules for you to follow. You need to find out what these are.

What you need to deliver for the end of term. 1 Plans, Sections, Elevations describing your final project. Scale 1:10 though this depends on your game. 2 Test out your proposal by placing it in context. We will give you some sites for you exhibition. This can be presented using a convincing collage. 3 Present photographs of the models you have made, use different scales and materials. 4 Present a ‘sequential drawing’ showing the game being played with reference to your design. (This could be similar to the drawing/collage you made to show how your hybrid worked.) How you work...
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