Researching Media & Digital Communication

Topics: Research, Scientific method, Academic publishing Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: May 11, 2013
MS2406: Researching Media & Digital Communication Resit Questions for Coursework One. DEADLINE: 13 August 2013 Coursework 1: Essay: Your essay should be 2000 words long and should refer to the set readings on research methods as well as examples of research as relevant. You are expected to use Harvard referencing style. You should answer one of the following questions: 1. What is an archive and how can we use it in our research? You are asked to visit the Mediatheque at the BFI and write a review of the archive held there. Design a research question which would allow you to investigate that archive. Critically evaluate one piece of research (book or journal article) held in the BFI Library which has used archival material. . 2. Compare two different articles held on the UELPlus site for this module which use the same or similar research methods. Discuss how different research questions can be addressed using the same research methods. Describe how you could use this method in a research project of your own. 3. Read the article by Jason Stanley from Media, Culture and Society which has been uploaded onto the UELPlus for this module. This is an example of a content analysis in which he argues that there has been a ‘symbolic annihilation’ of women in the American newspaper press. Conduct a content analysis of your own to compare the representation of women in one tabloid and one broadsheet newspaper in Britain today. You may use Stanley’s categories on page 985 of the article or design your own. Students are advised to come and see me with a draft of their essay by the end of June.

Coursework 2: The Research Project.
As your resit for Coursework 2 you will have to design and conduct a research project of your own and write an essay of 2,000 words summarizing your research. You should think of this as preparation for MS3000 or MS3400 which you are required to take at level 3. Your essay should draw on your studies so far and refer to the work you have done on...
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