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Whether Syllabus of an Finance specialization of Autonomous Management Institute Matches with Industry/Corporate Expectation and What are the Topics needs to be include in the syllabus to meet those expectations

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LOKESH KAMBLE Prof. S. V. Godbole

Exam seat no. 023745

PRN no. 08020241132

The client is Director of autonomous Management Institute named ‘Pinnacle school of Management’ of 10 years of existence. It is ‘A’ grade institute, it is reputed one, famous for producing best quality students and among top 50 management institutes of India. (Pinnacle school of Management is fictitious name considered for his management institute)

Managerial brief
To determine whether syllabus of Finance specialization of ‘Pinnacle school of Management’ is meeting corporate expectations. Manager

Budget: Rs.50000
Time period: 10

Knowworld Inc. Ltd
Aundh, Pune
020- 25678\88\98
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Covering Letter

Research Proposal


Knowworld Research is an upcoming market research organization providing plethora of services like market research, information and analysis of data, compilations of data to companies and organizations in varied sectors like automobile, aviation, education, government, hospitality, and consumer-goods. With a young and dedicated team of professionals, Knowworld has been able to provide reliable and valid research findings to more than 50 satisfied clients across India. Our strength lies in our superior frame of willing respondents which is varied, large ad expanding and our analytical insights which have been used by various media companies in various reports and articles.

The organization was established in the year 2000. We have offices in Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata. About 20 full-time research professionals, backed up by over 80 investigators operate from these offices. We maintain a strong Information Technology setup, an important aid in massive data gathering, archival and analysis operations.

Importance of doing this project
Today’s corporate world is a fast moving and fast changing world. Hence managers should be aware of changing environment. Most of the managers are MBA’s and they learn basic management things during MBA degree. Hence MBA course should proper designed so that it will make basic knowledge strong and will help to sustain in corporate world. For that research should be regularly done to check practicality of MBA syllabus For example The norms for Foreign Investors in India is changing day by day and the norms which were before five years are not in existence now, Foreign trade norms are also changing.

From the research conducted the Management Institute will understand • Which are the new topics in Finance have introduced in current days. • Which are the topics are need to be update.
• Which are the topics are of no use in practical world.

Manager will compare this information with syllabus of his institute and he will decide whether syllabus is as per today’s corporate world’s expectations or need to be changed. He can take decisions to add or remove some topics from syllabus. He can take decision to add some subjects. He can design each subject as per requirement of today’s corporate world. So institute will be able produce good students. This designed syllabus will help students to sustain in today’s world. This will not help only in placements but also to fast growth in industry.

Objective and Operational definitions


To determine whether syllabus of Finance specialization of Pinnacle Management School is meeting corporate/industry expectations

• Which are the subjects that need to be add...
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