Research Work About Social Entrepreneurship

Topics: Social enterprise, Sociology, Social economy Pages: 28 (9247 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Professional Higher Education Bachelor's Programme
“European Business Studies”

Course Paper in Economics

Support policies applicable for social enterprises in different countries

Author: Aleksandrs Jevdokimovs
Group D1A1

Supervisor: Danuta Jasjko

Riga, May 2013
Table of contents
What is social entrepreneurship.5
What is social Enterprise7
Role of Social Enterprises9
Differences between traditional businesses and social enterprises10
Role of social enterprises in the United Kingdom12
Legal structures for a social enterprises12
What is CIC13
Support policies15
Social Value Act – legal support for social enterprises17
What is the Social Value Act17
What does the Social Value Act mean in practice17
Why is the Social Value Act relevant to the social enterprise sector18
What support is available to social enterprises and public bodies18
Role of social enterprises in Canada19
Social enterprises in the Canadian legislation.19
However soon everything is going to be changed.20
Government of Canada Investment Supports Social Enterprise21
Social enterprise21
Social Development Partnerships Program21
Support policies for social enterprises in the Onatario22
Social enterprises in Ireland24
Support policies in Ireland.25
Conclusions of the work26
Appendix 133

Picture 1 The Missing Middle9
Picture 2 Pablic values of social enterprise9

Table 1 Sources of capital for different organizations11


I selected this topic, because I believe that in our life people can achieve something big only if they will work together, and if we want to leave in good environment, we have to develop such environment together, and I think, that social entrepreneurship is one kind of ways to the brighter future, that’s why I decided to choose this theme for my course papers. In this work I want to describe the ideas of social entrepreneurship, and conclude how much is it needed in our nowadays society, and what position it holds in modern life. I wanted to describe what are social enterprises nowadays, what policies are provided by governments of different countries to support and develop such enterprises, and finally I want to make some recommendations on how social entrepreneurship can be treated and developed in the future. My work I started from the part which defines what social entrepreneurship is, what social enterprises are, and what is distinction between social enterprises and regular businesses. Then, in the second part of my work I provided examples how does social enterprises defined in different countries, and how does the government supports them, and what is policy of those government in supporting such enterprises. In the third part I made some recommendations, which in mine opinion should be useful and should be implemented in developing social enterprises in the future. And in the end of my work I have made my conclusions about present situation, and how the experience of the different countries can be used in developing social entrepreneurship in Latvia.

What is social entrepreneurship.

Whenever society is stuck or has an opportunity to seize a new opportunity, it needs an entrepreneur to see the opportunity and then to turn that vision into a realistic idea and then a reality and then, indeed, the new pattern all across society. We need such entrepreneurial leadership at least as much in education and human rights as we do in communications and hotels. This is the work of social entrepreneurs. Bill Drayton. Founder of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public

No definition has been made to define what is social entrepreneurship. Exist many different understandings of this term all across the world. Many different definitions have appeared in case of different local context political and economical...
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