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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Topic: Nutritional Content of the street-food in Marikina City Almost all people patronize or buy street foods. With the easy access to these kinds of foods, with its great taste, and its cheap price most people will be encouraged to buy these foods. Students, especially have a very easy access to these kinds of foods since most vendors are located near school gates. These foods are already part of the lifestyle of most Filipinos, thus we must know the different nutrients and its effects to our body.

II. Focusing Question:
What are the Nutritional Contents of Street-Foods being bought by students in Marikina City? 1. What are the usual types of street-foods being bought by the students in Marikina City? 2. Where do students buy these street foods?

3. What are the effects of the nutritional contents of these street-foods to our body?

III. Significance of the Study:
The food we eat is part of our lifestyle. It is but important to know the nutrients of the food we eat so that we would be informed about the effects of these foods into our body. We also would like to share information regarding the nutritional content of street food and the like, as well as how much of it is beneficial to the body. In today’s time where lifestyle diseases are one of the most leading causes of deaths in the world we must be very careful in choosing the food we eat. It is important to know the effects of the food we eat, so that we can limit ourselves from taking foods that won’t benefit our body. Students, who has the easiest access to these foods must be properly informed of the nutritional benefits of the food they it. But we are also doing this study to show that there are benefits in eating street food. We aim to share to others that street food is beneficial in a few ways and that we really don't have to be afraid in eating these kinds of food. Knowing the nutritional contents of the food we eat would promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy...
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