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Topics: Sri Lanka, Colombo, Trincomalee Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: January 28, 2013

1.Importance and prospects of Lights House in the North and Eastern area of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka being Island and located in the international main sea route, in good olden days established many light houses around it for safe ocean navigation. Those are in the South and Western area still functioning and guiding all the ships passing closer to the land. With new technology purpose of the light houses are not much important to the safe navigation. During the terrorist problem in North and East functioning of light houses effected badly and all of them were damaged and all of them are not functioning. Purpose of my research is to study above matters and provide suitable recommendation for renovation/functioning of them. 2.Improvement for the cadet training in Naval and Maritime Academy. Naval and Maritime Academy is the premier officer training institute of Sri Lanka Navy and it is located in the Trincomalee. There are 50 officer cadet intakes successfully completed their basic training since 1967. With modern changes in the maritime aspects in the world this training also required to change. My aim of this research is to study about the present training system of Naval and Maritime Academy comparing with Kothalawala Defense University and other Indian Naval training establishments and forward proposals for improvement of the training. 3.Study about the KIA, MIA and disabled naval personnel in the Gamapaha district and their welfare and forward proposals for further requirement. During last 30 years of terrorist problem in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Navy took part in sea operations as well as land operations where it was deemed to be necessary. During those encounters many naval personnel


scarifies their lives (KIA), wounded (WIA) and injured badly from all over the Island. Sri Lanka Navy Welfare Association conducting annual visit to those families by an officer each year. But it is deemed to be...
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