Research the History of Moonshine and Nascar

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Research History of Nascar & Moonshine
Shine runner, lightning mover are just a couple of names for those who used to transport this illegal product, moonshine. Inspite of this, NASCAR was birthed as a result of shine running, this begs the question how did this magnificent sport come from such dire origins. This beverage was called moonshine because it would be transported at night time, so it earned the name moonshine because the shine runners would work underneath the moon’s shine transporting this alcoholic substance. These bootleggers, or moonshiners knew that getting caught transporting this illegal beverage meant jail time. So in order to evade government agents or law enforcement they manipulated their box cars to be able to handle this beverage as fuel and literally turned their box cars into hot rods. By doing this they made their cars able to drive faster than the law enforcement, and they could literally drive through roadblocks. (1)

The idea of racing these cars came from the moonshiners from each area. All of them knew each other because the country towns where they cooked the moonshine were small so word got around easily due to the fact everyone talked to each other. One of the weeks they all argued about which car was faster, better put together, or who was better at evading law enforcement. The argument became so serious that one of the weekends they got together in a pasture and raced each other to see for themselves. They had so much fun doing it that they made it an every weekend event, these events became more popular and grew into what we call today NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing). NASCAR’s roots go all the way back from the 1920s to the early 1930s. (2)

In 1933 alcohol prohibition was lifted, bootlegging moonshine and whiskey became less popular due to alcohol being legalized again. (3) Though few people still ran moonshine, a lot of the business dried up leaving these runners bored with...
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