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CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Child Care and Education External Assessment Cover Sheet (EACS)

Learner Name: Learner PIN: Site/Centre Code:

External Assessment Cover Sheet
Research Task: “It is important to plan to meet the care and learning needs of all children”. Submission date: Indicate submission type below: First submission: Re-submission: Upgrade: Number of words: Number of pages:

If you are submitting a re-submission or an upgrade you must enclose the original assignment.

Learner Declaration
I declare that this is my own work that is being submitted for external assessment. Learner Name: Learner Signature: Learner PIN: Date:

1. Your name, PIN and Centre/site number must appear on every page of your assignment. 2. You must number each page of your assignment in the format ‘Page X of Y’, where X is the page number and Y is the total number of pages. 3. You should submit your assignment in a single plastic sleeve, unstapled, or simply held together with treasury tags or a spine bar. The External Assessment Cover Sheet should be included at the front of your assignment. 4. You must submit your assignment to your tutor with this form fully completed and signed. 5. No assignment will be accepted without the completed External Assessment Cover Sheet. 6. Include the Research Task and Assignment Criteria (see overleaf) with your assignment. Please use the External Assessment Submission Checklist to ensure that you have followed these instructions for submitting your assignment for external assessment.

For general enquiries please contact CACHE Customer Support Team Telephone: 0845 347 2123 Fax: 01727 818618 L3 ACE CCE EACS Version 1.2 05/03/12

External Assessment Submission Checklist
Please use this checklist when submitting your assignment for External Assessment

The assignment is your original work Each page is identified by your name, PIN and Centre/Site number The pages are numbered for...
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