Research Shows That Health of People in the Pacific Has Deteriorate over the Years. What Are Some of the Reasons for the Poor Health Amongst Pacific Islanders and What Are the Effects of This on the Heath Care Services in the Region

Topics: Health care, New Zealand, Epidemiology Pages: 4 (1375 words) Published: April 29, 2013

It is predictable there are increasingly rate of poor health amongst the Pacific Island. The way of life suitable to its own environment truly instigate to an individual physical condition. It is vital to recognized that there that there are some factors caused the deterioration of the health of Pacific Islanders and the effects of poor health on the heath care services in the region. This essay theorizes that the health of the Pacific Islanders is initiated by certain facts and consequences which classified beneath lifestyle, health and Economic risk factors. To begin with, poor routine conduct is an aspect of poor health. The way people consume and behave unsuitably may result in an infirmity. For instance, eating an unhealthy diet is a surefire way to worse your health. Unhealthy diets composed of foods that are high in fact, salt, sugar and calories which mostly found on processed food that may lead to health problem like weight again, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. According to the CBN News Medical, "Trans fats are really like plastic, As Dr. Michael Aziz, "and when we eat them they incorporate in our cells and the cells cannot communicate or talk to one another. In turn, hormones are disturbed, weight gain follows but more troubling, the risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke, infertility goes up. Trans fat is one the dangerous fat that are really bad for the heath. An individual’s behavior like inactivity, smoking and poor hygiene may leads to health problems. Inactive may weak muscles, stiff, sore and more vulnerable to injury. Long-term cigarette smoking can cause cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory problem. What we eat and how we dormant, therefore harms our lives. Likewise, the quality of our health is in our hand. The way people take care of their health may sometimes leads to a poor health. There are some people who are injured in an accident or sports games like rugby, boxing and so on. If you are...
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