Research: Sampling and Chili Sauce

Topics: Sampling, Sample, Stratified sampling Pages: 6 (2032 words) Published: April 16, 2013
The paper seeks to propose a research on the management of Tesco Stores Malaysia would like to introduce own branded chili sauce to Malaysia consumer. This paper will be organized under the following broad headings: * Problem identification

* Literature review
* Research philosophy and approach and research design
* Data collection
2.0General statement of the Problem.
There are many type of products in the market. For example, in Malaysia there are more than ten type of chili sauce are selling in the market. Tesco would like to introduce its own branded chili sauce to the Malaysian consumer. The main factor of successful to introduce the chili sauce is the acceptance of the consumer. Brands vary in the amount of value and power they have in the marketplace. For example, Life brand chili sauce is a well known in the existing market, when a consumer knows that a brand exists in the market, the brand is said to have high brand awareness. If consumers’ awareness towards the brands is high, its brands equity is also high. Besides that, the quality of the chili sauce also important, consumer will compare the ingredient, texture and etc with the other brands of chili sauce. A brand is valued high when consumers stay loyal to that particular brand. Consumers don’t switch to other brands and they willing to wait even if the store runs out stock. Example of products and brand that have high brand loyalty are Kimball, Maggie and Life. A brand is perceived to have high value if the brand is of goods quality. 3.0Formulated research question

The aim of this research is to survey the successfulness of the management of Tesco Stores Malaysia to introduce its own brand to the consumer. The research questions are: 1) To investigate quality, packaging, availability, range, promo and how the perceptions differ across demographic profile, that is level of income and age group. 2) Pricing

3) To determine the perception of customer towards to know the product quality. For example, the chili sauce texture, taste and so on. 4.0Literature Review

No.| Author / title| Objective| Variable| Methodology| Finding| 1.| Marketing Communications Plan for : a new sauce brand under magi by nestleAuthor : IIoka Benneth Kueh Yi Kia Teng King Wee| To increase the market share and sales volume of Maggi brands in Malaysia up to 10 percent by the 12th month of compaign.To increase brand awareness of Maggie brand in Malaysia up to 20 percent by the end of the 12th Month.To generate up to 10 percent of total sale of Maggie brand in Malaysia.| Selecting a new brand, unique selling point, positioning, new label design and packaging graphic, advertising and other promotional strategic.| Survey research will be used on the commencement, middle and conclusion stages of the campaign.A media evaluation service will be engaged to ascertain whether the media accomplished (qualitative and quantitative)Website participation be evaluated.| The strengths and weaknesses of internal and external factor of Maggi. For example, Management, marketing, research and development,Competitive, technology and so on.| 2.| H.J. Heinz Inc: Industry AnalysisAuthor : Kasey FeigenbaumJustin WhiteElliott Matticks| Heinz is seeking to expand its offerings by focusing on emerging markets in countries such as brazil, Philippines, Turkey, and Vietnam where there is large potential growth.| Heinz is striving to develop globally while positively impacting the world. The company is promoting sustainability and supplying more than 30 countries with natural hybrid tomato seeds.| Products sold through heinz’s own sales organizations through independent brokers, and agents distributors of chains, wholesalers, cooperative and independent grocery accounts, convenient stores, bakeries and so on.“Heinz Ketchup Road trip” and the campaign was pitched on social media site including twitter and facebook.| Heinz manufactures and...
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