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By | May 2010
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Comparison of Web Services, Java-RMI, and CORBA service implementations N.A.B. Gray School of Information Technology & Computer Science, University of Wollongong Abstract This paper reports on comparisons of Web Service, Java RMI, and CORBA solutions for example applications. Performance problems, identified in earlier studies of Web Services, have been significantly reduced in the current implementations. The newer Web Service APIs realize a model that has significant overlaps with distributed object technologies, allowing in some cases for the use of a common code base in either a readily deployed Web Service or in a higherperformance distributed object style implementation. The client-stub approach results in code that is very similar to Java-RMI or CORBA clients. The analogous mechanisms for generating client and server components for Web-Services, Java-RMI, and CORBA are illustrated in Figure 1. When autogenerated client-side stubs are used for Web Services, the development processes and the code complexity for both client- and server-side are virtually identical for Web Service, Java-RMI, and CORBA solutions. Typically one starts with an interface definition for the service. A client-side stub is auto-generated from this interface. On the serverside, the interface is processed to yield a base class for the implementation class that must be written by the developer. With the mechanisms and costs of development being very similar, other factors will determine the choice of a technical solution. Systems developers will have to choose between interoperability where Web Services have advantages, and performance that will favor Java RMI or CORBA. Java RMI and CORBA use optimized connectionoriented communications protocols that are either language specific, or have detailed rules defining how data-structures and interfaces should be realized. In contrast, Web Services (application-to-application) are based on the ubiquitous technologies that have...

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