Research Report - Should Junk Food Ads Be Banned in North America?

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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Research Report
November 24th, 2011
Question: Should junk food ads be banned in North America?

Executive Summary
This report discusses obesity in North America around the question of “should junk food ads be banned”. Included are possible solutions to the problem and the criteria that were chosen to pick the final solution with rational. The best solution of the four was recommended to be implemented as a strategy to help solve this problem.

Question & Problem
The purpose of this report is to gather information and come to a conclusion on the following question; “should junk food ads be banned in North America?” The real problem being is the high obesity rate in children in North America. On average children of the ages of 12-21 see about 7600 junk ads a year. Economists have estimated that a ban on junk food ads would result in a 15 percent to 20 percent reduction in childhood overweight and obesity rates . The solution will be based on information on child obesity rates in Canada and other stats that relate to the junk food sector and its negative side effects.

Possible Solutions

Counter advertise using healthy alternatives to junk foods, including an active life style

Completely ban the advertising of junk food on all advertising mediums

Ban junk food advertising that is only directed at children

Junk food that can only be advertised after being evaluated and meeting strict healthier food standards

The criteria for selecting the best solution will be based on several different factors. Firstly is the government aware of the problem and if they’re willing to spend money trying to counter it. Secondly will manufactures and advertising companies go down without a fight, over potentially losing billions in profit. Lastly having the Health Associations agree to tighten up the nutrition codes for food, making it possible to literally cut out the junk food. Also having a solution that is realistic is the most...
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