Research Report on Domestic Violence in Queensland, Australia

Topics: Violence, Domestic violence, Violence against women Pages: 11 (2715 words) Published: February 5, 2013

1. Executive Summaryp.1

2. Research Questionp.1

3. Research (including methodology)p.1

4. Literature Reviewp.1-2

5. Findingsp.2-3

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9. Discussionp.5-6

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11. Referencesp.7-8

Executive summary

This report examined domestic violence in Queensland, in particular, the trends in the reporting of such abuse. The aim of this report was to determine whether there has been an increase or decrease in such reports. Due to the scope of this study, results were obtained, by examining statistics from a variety of official government and non-government sources. Because of several factors including population growth, an influx of different cultural groups, and changing society norms, such as financial pressures, illegal and legal substance abuse and the rise of stress, it was hypothesised that there would be an increase of reported incidences of violence by partners in Queensland in the twenty first century. The results supported the prediction that reported cases of domestic violence in Queensland has increased. It was concluded, that this increase was likely to continue in the future due to the likely continuation of such trends.

Research question

This report explores the history of Domestic Violence in the state of Queensland. It researches whether there has been an increase or decrease of incidents reported, by partners, in the twenty first century. By examining various statistical evidence and the current trends, the twenty first century will be compared to that of previous decades. In addition, reports from welfare agencies and the police will also be scrutinised. Since the early 1970’s, there has been substantial changes in the policing of Domestic Violence, particularly in Queensland. Domestic Violence is a significant problem, and over the years, there has been considerable debate, as to the exact definition. Reasons for this are due to the varying legislations in each state in Australia. The definitions of Queensland’s domestic violence protection legislation include, personal injury, harassment, intimidation, indecency and damage to property and threats of any of these behaviours (Domestic and Family Protection Act, Qld, 1989).

Research (including methodology)

Due to time constraints, there was no primary research conducted. Because of this, it took some time to gather qualitative information, in order to create the report. The research question asked for information on the state of Queensland only. Extensive research consisted of peer reviewed academic literature, statistics and government sites, where current findings are compared, to that of previous decades. The online library resources at Griffith University and government web pages were the main sources used for researching. Majority of the secondary sources gathered, were predominately on Queensland, but some materials were related to the topic of Domestic Violence in general.

Literature Review:

The scope of this report was to evaluate the information and data collected from previous studies, to ascertain whether or not, the reporting of domestic violence in QLD had in fact increased in the twenty first century.

There has been considerable debate in the literature as to the definition of domestic violence. What was once a moral obligation in society is now a crime in many countries. For instance, a roman husband was endowed with moral obligation to discipline his wife and was praised rather than punished for beating, or even killing his wife for the most trivial transgression (Acikalin, 2000).

Australian states in particular, have their own state laws. The domestic and family violence laws were enacted in most states and...
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