Research Report on Comparitive Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards Nokia vs Samsung

Topics: Customer service, Mobile phone, Customer relationship management Pages: 5 (1008 words) Published: March 11, 2013

While the Finnish phone maker has updated its handset portfolio at the high end to compete better with Samsung's super-successful Razor phone, the refresh has been less than inspired. ..."[Nokia's] high-end phones are small, but they're boxy. Samsung's high-end [models] are thin and slick." ...Samsung went for the wow effect, creating got to-have-it phones. Now, Nokia is playing catch-up. "It all comes down to innovation and product development," says Hoffman. "Right now, Samsung is head and shoulders above Nokia in creating products that consumer’s desire. Nokia has maintained their market share, but they’re using price and marketing dollars as the weapon." ...Surely the the RAZR was a brilliant move...Something as simple as naming a phone Razor has created enormous buzz for the company, says Kelleher. Granted, the Razr is a sleek little piece of telephonic technology, but the Branding has given the phone cache. Kelleher makes a good point. When you mention Razr, people know what you're talking about. Just try and picture what the Nokia 6170 looks like. Great point. But just a piece of anecdotal evidence- the Nokia brand is still quite strong in Asia. And according, Nokia's pushing hard into emerging markets with low-cost phones, which while hitting margins, are building presence for the long term. 34% increase in handset volumes versus a 25% sales increase. ... To find growth, Nokia is venturing into emerging markets, such as China and Russia. ... Nokia is looking out for the long term by penetrating emerging markets. But it will take some time for the margins to improve as these consumers upgrade to premium handsets. Nokia appears to have positioned itself well because gaining recognition in these markets while they're still developing will give it an important market presence moving forward Nokia's strategy may be more sustainable than Samsung's "Wow!" strategy if it succeeds in building deep moats in emerging markets. Popularity of fashion and design can be fleeting, a fact which Nokia now knows well. Also, one weakness I've noticed in the RAZR currently is that it lacks many advanced functions which new smart phones have. And smart phones are no longer huge and boxy- and no longer for techies. While the RAZR had enough features for its time (and perhaps less-technologically-advanced US mobile phone market), Samsung shareholders should hope that Samsung features enough advanced features in its upcoming, well named SLVR and PEBL.This is because for fashionable technology, especially in emerging markets I feel, the prestige and allure of a product is built upon both its look and its array of the “newest" features, even if most functions are never used. Yours may look shiny, but if mine can send everyone last nights photos, then you've been one-upped. It would also be interesting to see Samsung's share of sales inside and outside the US, versus Nokia. Samsung could be overly US-dependent... perhaps for another post. For reference, each company's one year chart below.


Customer satisfaction refers to the extent to which customers are happy with the productsand services provided by a business. Customer satisfaction levels can be measured using surveytechniques and questionnaires

Definition 1:
Customer satisfaction is equivalent to making sure that product and service performance meets customer expectations. Definition 2:
Customer satisfaction is the perception of the customer that the outcome of a business transaction is equal to or greater than his/her expectation.

The importance of customer satisfaction and support is increasingly becoming a vital businessissue as organization realize the benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for  providing effective customer service. Professionals working within customer focused businessor those running call centres or help...
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