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1.0 Introduction
1.1. Background of Research

Nowadays, we can consider written form of message is the most effective as written communication will not change and the message to be delivered will always be consistent with no reduction or addition information in the message when compared to the messages conveyed through speech from one person to another. It is no wonder most important data is stored in written form.

According to Knowles in the book of Patterns of Spoken English: An Introduction to English Phonetics, written language has the advantage that it is permanent so that it can be studied conveniently and at leisure, but spoken language is more elusive. In other words, written language looks like an imperfect version of spoken language.

Since written communication is the most widely used to convey important messages, does the spelling errors in written communication will affect the message to be delivered? Nowadays, brief messages but important are often delivered in written form. For example, if a company wants to introduce their new products to the market, the company would choose to make use of sign board and written communication. The question now, if the sign board has spelling errors, does it have an impact on the message to be delivered and thus affect the sale of their products?

There are many factors that cause English spelling errors in the sign boards. One of the factor is the mother tongue. In Malaysia, people come from a various races and ethnicities. Therefore, we are also have different native languages. The Malays with their Malay language, Chinese with their mandarin and many more. Since English is a second or third language in our lives, we often to misspell the word in English. In addition, a person who produces these signs are not concerned about spelling in their advertising. Sometimes the person responsible for making the sign board that using English language also does not have a good command of English.

From the problem that we face, how one can prevent this problem? Among the solutions that can be taken is to use software or a spell checker before making billboards that use English. In addition, these signs should be going through the process of inspection or proof read the words. For someone that want to make their own sign board for the purpose of their small business, they can carefully and slowly read their writing out loud. Often your ear will hear what your eye did not see. Read your writing, sentence by sentence, from the last sentence to the first sentence. This technique interrupts the logical flow of the prose and neutralizes any impression of correctness arising from your knowledge of what you meant to say. Also, one can use their dictionary to check any words of which they are unsure, and to check for the spelling.

This is a brief overview of the research that we want to conduct. Every point will be discussed further in more details and with an analysis.

1.2. Statement of Problem

The purpose of this research is to study the importance of spelling in advertisement. First of all, why spelling is so important when we want to convey a message in the form of written communication? Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters.

Delivering very important information, for example information about the security at construction sites, but there is spelling errors in the signs. That would be a dangerous thing for anyone who cannot receive the message. In addition, if there are spelling errors in signs that seeks to promote a business, it will affect their business.

Bad spelling gives others a bad impression about you or about your business. No matter what you say, if the spelling is poor, the reader will notice this before anything else. Punctuation errors often go unnoticed, but everyone notices spelling errors. Then, if the tourist that use English as their mother...
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