Research Report: Differences Between China and America in Business Communication

Topics: United States, Clothing, Culture of the United States Pages: 23 (4950 words) Published: April 7, 2012
|Costless Clothing Company | |Cultural Differences between China and America | |[Report of Survey] | |Written to: Liu Tong, the director of the company | |Written by: Cui Tongyang, Chen Libang, Wu Han, Xiao Jun, Yang Wen, Zhang Qi | |[Requested date: 09/11/2011] | |[Due date: 13/12/2011] |

|[ To find the differences in cultures and customs via comparisons between two countries and give recommendations to help | |staffs to have better communication with American clients ] |

Letter of Transmittal

All members from the research team
International Education College
Henan University, Kaifeng

22 November 2011

Mrs. Liu Tong, Company Director
Costless Clothing Company
45 Ming Lun St, Kaifeng

Dear Mrs. Liu Tong:

Here is the report you requested in September for sharing the important information and culture differences of America in Costless Clothing Company.

The information of this report is partly from print and online sources. Xiao Jun conducted a questionnaire survey of the American students in Henan University. Wu Han did an interview with some managers working in another clothing company as well.

Thank you for the opportunity of conducting this research. All team members really appreciated this chance. If you have any question about the materials in this report, please call me.

Yours sincerely,

Table of Contents

Letter of Transmittal- 2 -
Table of Contents- 4 -
Synopsis- 5 -
Introduction- 7 -
Purpose and Scope- 7 -
Assumption- 8 -
Methods- 8 -
Limitations- 8 -
Body- 10 -
Part One: Clothing Preferences- 10 -
Part Two: Differences between Chinese and American Food Culture- 13 - Part Three: Economy Climates- 15 -
Part Four: Values and Laws of America and China- 20 -
Part Five: Comparisons in Business Communication Practices and Expectations- 23 - Conclusions and Recommendations- 25 -
List of Reference- 28 -
Appendix- 30 -
Contribution- 30 -
Group meeting record- 32 -


Cultural Differences between China and America and Strategies to Improve the Employees’ Business Communication Skills in Costless Clothing Company

Executive Summary

According to the recent statistic, the exports of clothing industry from China to America increased from $ 6.5 billion in 2000 to $ 27.1 billion in the year of 2006. To have a better communication with American customers, the staffs in the company should have a more clear understanding of American culture, involving many aspects. To reinforce the market share in America, the company would have to take some changes in market strategies as well.

Although the business situation of the company becomes better with each passing day, the company still has some shortcomings when communicating with foreigner clients such as Americans. Directors also heard some complains from American customers about the staffs’ misunderstandings due to cultural differences. After going further in the research, the research team members found there are numbers of cultural differences existing in several main fields including clothing and food preferences, economic climate, value, laws, business communication practices and expectations.

This report focuses on the comparisons and differences between American and...
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