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Topics: Milk, Powdered milk, Dairy product Pages: 33 (8419 words) Published: May 10, 2013

I express my acknowledgement with deep sense of gratitude to Area Sales Manager of Amul Mr. Manoj Kumarm and Assistant Professor, ICCMRT Mr. Ram Komal Prasad Prajapati for his full support and effective guidance which have proved immensely helpful in my project. His constant inspiration and valuable time throughout the project development made it feasible and easy to carry out project in much better way. I would also like to thanks all my friends who constantly helped me throughout this project during development and testing. Despite of their busy schedule they patiently helped and gave valuable suggestions. I am highly thankful to them for making this project successful. It was a great learning experience. Last but not the least I acknowledge my deep sense of regards and respect for my Parents and God who was the main source of energy behind this project work. PANKAJ KUMAR GUPTA


I hereby declare that the project work entitled “Consumer Awareness About Amul Masti Dahi in Delhi” submitted to the “Institute of Co-Operative & Corporate Management Research & Training (ICCMRT), Lucknow.”, is a record of an original work done by me under the guidance of Mr. Manoj Kumar(Area Sales Manager, Amul) and Mr. Ram Komal Prasad Prajapati (Assistant Professor, ICCMRT)and this project work has not performed the basis for the award of any Degree or diploma and similar project if any. PANKAJ KUMAR GUPTA

ROLL NO:- 1112470088
MBA is a stepping stone to the management carrier and to develop good manager it is necessary that the theoretical must be supplemented with exposure to the real environment. Theoretical Knowledge just provides the base and it’s not sufficient to produce a good manager that’s why practical knowledge is needed. Therefore the research product is an essential requirement for the student of MBA. This research project not only helps the student to utilize his skills properly learn field realities but also provides a chance to the organization to find out talent among the budding managers in the very beginning. In accordance with the requirement of MBA course, I have summer training project on the topic “Consumer Awareness About Amul Masti Dahi in Delhi”. The main objective of the research project was to study the two instruments and make a detailed comparison of the two. For conducting the research project sample size of 86 retailers of Amul Dahi was selected. The information regarding the project research was collected through the questionnaire formed by me which was filled by the customer.

Certificate| 1|
* History of the company| 9|
* Company structure| 15|
* Indian dairy industry| 16|
* Company growth| 20|
* Distribution network of amul in delhi| 22|
* Amul masti dahi salient feature| 30|
* Achievements of company| 38|
* Introduction| 40|
* Statement of problem| 45|
* Objective of study| 48|
CHAPTER-2| 51|
* Research | 52|
* Type of research| 54|
* Research design| 56|
* Research process| 57|
* Research methodology| 58|
CHAPTER-3| 60|
* Data collection method| 61|
* Market research tool| 63|
* List of location| 65...
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