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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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• Introduction------------------------------------------------------------3

• Methodology------------------------------------------------------------4

• Result--------------------------------------------------------------------5

• Discussion-------------------------------------------------------------10

• Appendix


In recent years, with the high development of information technology, human can know everything easily whatever they want. Many people who like reading the stories about celebrities, especially the number of students are increasing. However, some people may feel this invasion of privacy, and others have reservations about these. The purpose of this research was to explore the attitudes of students at UWS College towards reading stories in the press about the private lives of public figures.


Research was finished in 27th February 2013. It was about private lives of public figures. The survey was conducted among a random simple of fifty, both local and oversea students who were studying at UWS College Westmead campus. There were 22 male and 28 female. This research instrument was a questionnaire. The questionnaire had some questions about demographic information of respondents and what they thought about the stories of public figures. The questions 2-3 wanted to know whether they preferred to read the information of celebrities and which kind they liked. In question4 and 5 asked about if the information was believable or not. Then there were 2 questions about the level of interest in 5 celebrities. The last 3 questions tried to collect their thoughts of being a celebrity. The EAP4 classes got together and the questionnaires were given to students on the grassed area. They were filled by respondents. After that, the teacher placed these questionnaires into a box. The...